Long Hiatus

Timing…it’s a challengeswiss watch

If you have ever followed my writing, you know it’s been hit and miss for me to produce consistent content. Lots of excuses have popped up. But regardless of excuses, I made some conscious choices at the time to focus on other things besides my “brand.” After a year passed, it got to the point where starting again seemed just silly. In my own mind, I wanted to say, “Dude–seriously–either do it or don’t, but quit with the start/stop business.” There were other voices as well that I heard that kept me from sitting down and starting again. Some readers responded to my gaps in production with a “you-take-too-long-I-got-bored-waiting” kind of input. I can’t say I blame them. But recently some very kind friends have been gently urging me to hit the keyboard again. To be honest, I’ve been waiting. Not on any kind of inspiration or muse…I know that’s not how writing works. I didn’t know exactly why I was waiting until a month ago.


Reset Buttons

Part of my ministry outside of Compass Christian Church is as a leadership coach with CDF Leadership Capital. Each year we have a leadership mentoring track where we bring leaders into a cohort and then connect them with established, productive leaders from around the county. I was leading my cohort in San Diego and we were having a great time working with Larry Osborn and North Coast Church. During that time, Larry said something that deeply encouraged and challenged me. He described that for 13 years he chose not to work on outside writing projects until he got his kids into college. It was like he hit a reset button for me. I came home and started arranging things to get ready to write. Here are a few of the key things that made me feel like it’s time.

Family Resets

It’s one of those seasons where things are aligning. Granted, I know that doesn’t happen often, but we’re in that phase.

  • Kate is graduating high school this May and is already registered for college and we are thrilled with her attitude and her choices.
  • Garrett is wisely progressing through his extremely challenging curriculum at LETU and is really growing as a pilot, mechanic, student, friend, and leader.

Shannon’s ministry also continues to expand. Without trying to speak for her, my perspective is that she’s becoming more “fully deployed¹” as a leader all the time. What this means is that although our life is still very full, we’re all moving to a place where I think now is a good time to start over and start writing.

What to write about…?

My intention is to write primarily about topics surrounding leadership, wisdom, spiritual growth and thinking clearly in this current age. I have been asked to write about outreach and missions so there might be some things here about that as well. The key issue for me about writing is trying to work on things that are important but not common. I want to help people be wise during anxious times.

New Items…

There are a couple of new things for this iteration of the website.

  • Comments — I am looking forward to hearing responses from you as you participate
  • Podcasts — This will take some time, but I will link all of that here on this site
  • And more…

If you would pray for me during this season, I’d appreciate it.² Hope to see you soon.


¹I’m referring to what Warren Bennis describes in his book On Becoming a Leader as the best expression of your leadership

²I’m imagining the scene in Christmas Vacation where Clark says, “His heart is bigger than his brain.” He says, “I appreciate that Clark.”

8 thoughts on “Long Hiatus

  1. Travis Hopper says:

    Always love learning more from you no matter how much time passes in between. What an exciting season for you and Shannon. I love how much thought you have put even into rather or not you should post your writing again. Love you


  2. Julie Barron says:

    I will start following your blog as I am ready to start becoming more of a leader at church, work and for my friends and family. Thanks Rob. I think you are awesome.


  3. Kristin (tigger) says:

    Rob. You have always spoken to me when u taught. At Ptcc days I always looked forward as a senior to be part of your leadership training. Thanks for all you do for others. Can’t wait to hear from u more. Kristin


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