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Kick Off!

This is the blog post that will be the first item on the list when the site kicks off and I wanted to start with some explanation of what I hope to accomplish with this. There are already several other blog entries before this one that were written in order to have the site be populated with something besides just a “welcome” and a “hire-me-I’m-worth-it” page. If, like me, you think to yourself, “Why on earth does the world need another blog?”—let me tell you why this website matters to me. 

Like other people who are slightly prone to cynicism, I laughed at the first blogs as yet another form of digital narcissism. Later, I viewed them as a platform for the tribe of keyboard warriors (tough in print but weak in person) and, even later, as a place to sell stuff. Truth be told, I was already so tempted to waste time on the ‘net I decided none of that was for me.

However, I am realizing that my time on this earth is short and that will be held to account for how I have managed the talents God has given me. I believe that besides my family roles I have two main gifts I am responsible to steward: Teacher and Leader (not always in that order). And as the world progresses, I am seeing that teaching and leading well requires a mix of both traditional and non-traditional methods and thus I am now partaking of this medium. 

I hope that this blog will be an encouragement for people to seek wisdom as they try to follow the teachings of Jesus. I also hope it helps propel people toward a life of service to a broken world but in a wise way. I also hope to expand my teaching and leading opportunities in multiple arenas so that my sense of stewardship continues to mature. 

The last time I was able to speak to Dr. Dallas Willard, he gave me this advice about my academic career: “First, don’t drink too deeply from the keg of academia, it can be a poisonous brew. Second, remember that your first responsibility is to your students and then to their parents. Lastly, don’t write to promote your career, write to help people.” In the end, that’s really what this is about. In my own way, with my own style and mistakes, I want this to be helpful. As of now, I do not have a place for people to respond to the blog but you are welcome to contact me at any of the ways I’ve listed on the contact page. 

With that in mind, enjoy and may Jesus and His wisdom be the source of your life today. Peace.