Hoping to grow wise.

Rob Maupin


My name is Rob Maupin. Thanks for stopping by.

I am thankful to be a Christ-follower, a husband to Shannon and Dad to Garrett and Kate. I am privileged to also serve as the Missions Pastor for Compass Christian Church in Colleyville, TX. I have led, consulted and spoken at a wide variety of Christian organizations around the world. In addition to my roles as Husband, Father and Pastor, I teach as a Professor-at-Large for Lincoln Christian University. I also do consulting, speaking and coaching with CDF Capital as a certified Paterson Center StratOp facilitator as well as consulting/speaking on culture, leadership, spiritual formation and organizational strategy.


I grew up on the border of Wyoming and Nebraska. My Dad was a farmer/rancher and my mom was a nurse (and later a hospital executive). After high school I attended Ozark Christian College in Joplin, MO. While I was there I met a tall blonde Texan named Shannon. We were married in 1992 and have been involved in some kind of service/ministry ever since.

As I was about to graduate, I began working as a Youth Minister in Carterville, MO. I was privileged to stay there for almost two years and realized that I really loved high school students. Near that end of our time in Carterville I was asked to work as an associate youth minister with Scott Greer in Amarillo, TX. My wife, Shannon grew up there and was deeply connected with the Greer family. So in 1994 we moved to the Panhandle of Texas! It was a wonderful six years and our son Garrett was born there. Near the end of that season, Shannon and I had a profound experience where we believed God called us to work in Mexico City as missionaries. So, in January of 2000, we moved to Wheaton, IL to do some graduate work in Intercultural Studies as preparation for our work in Mexico. Our daughter Kate was born during our time at Wheaton and a new love for learning was born there as well.

We left for Mexico with our amazing teammates in January of 2002 and we lived in Mexico City for five years. Our time there was both wonderful and challenging but we genuinely loved our life there. As we were nearing the end of our missionary term, Shannon and I both felt like God was calling us again. But it was a surprising new direction—Lincoln Christian University asked me to come be a professor of Intercultural Studies. As I was pushing 40 I started an entire new career as a professor. While we were there I finished a doctorate in Intercultural Studies and have been part of teaching some wonderful students. I was able to teach with great friends and colleagues and have been blessed. I taught a wide variety of subjects but I primarily taught Intercultural Studies, Christian Leadership and Non-Profits. My desire has been to multiply the workforce of people who will do good for a hurting world in Jesus’ name. I hope that’s coming along.

Besides teaching during that time, I also set up a consulting/speaking business that worked with youth ministers, leaders, mission organizations and non-profit groups. Now I am happily working with CDF Leadership Capital for my consulting work. If you are interested in working with me please contact me at robmaupin@gmail.com (or the other ways listed on the contact page) for more information on dates and fees.

In the spring of 2014, our family sensed a new call: to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area! I am now serving as the Missions Pastor at Compass Christian Church in Colleyville. We arrived in DFW the first week of July (14) and have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with the staff and the community. Things there are so much fun and I am so excited to be a part of an amazing staff—I feel like I have the best job in the whole church!

As an academic and a practitioner, I believe our best bet to grow wise is to start with things as they are—not as we wish them to be. I believe the Bible to be true and inspired. I also think that clear, rational thought is from God himself so I think reason and science fit clearly within God’s revealed truth in the world. If we start with a good ontology we are more able to perceive and understand how God made us and how he made the world. More on that in the blogs…Because of this, my favorite metaphors in the Bible are those involving the nature of life and the behaviors that are involved in how life (spiritual or otherwise) is sustained.

If you wish to see a resume or a CV, please contact me at robmaupin@gmail.com